The family business ‘’Spyreas’’ has been engaged for many decades in the cultivation and production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and in tourism as well.

It is based in the picturesque village of Kardamyli, 36 km from the town of Kalamata which is the Peloponnese in Southern Greece.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Extra Virgin Olive oil that we produce is the main product of the area. The morphology of the terrain and the climatic conditions contribute to the excellent quality and unique nutritional value of the olive oil produced.

We cultivate our trees, the ‘’ Koroneiki’’ variety, with care and love and we take special care of the growth.

We were amongst the first to follow procedures regarding harvesting and storaging that are now a requirement. We pick and gather the olive crop in fabric sacks and transport it daily to the oil- Press. The pressing and pulping of the olive – crop is done in less than 60min and the final separation is done in two phases where the temperature reached is less than 28C degrees.

Finally, our olive oil is stored in stainless steel containers in a cool, shady place where the temperature is under 18C.

Spyreas Olive Oil Facilities

Spyreas Olive Oil Facilities